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Best TV Series

Below is a list of best TV series past and present. If you think one should be added to the list please email it in.

TV Series - Comedy

Archer (Comedy, Animation)
Top Gear (Cars, Comedy)
Modern Family (Comedy)
The Simpsons (Comedy)

TV Series - Crime

The Sopranos (Crime)
Dexter (Crime, Mystery)
Luther (Crime, Mystery)
Top of the Lake (Crime, Mystery)
True Detective (Crime, Mystery)
Breaking Bad (Crime, Thriller)
Sons of Anarchy (Crime, Thriller)
The Wire (Crime, Thriller)

TV Series - Documentry

Africa (Documentry)
Cosmos (Documentry)
Life in Cold Blood (Documentry)
Life on Earth (Documentry)
Planet Earth (Documentry)
The Life of Birds (Documentry)
The Life of Mammals (Documentry)
The Living Planet (Documentry)
The Trials of Life (Documentry)
The World at War (Documentry)

TV Series - Drama

Borgen (Drama)
Mad Men (Drama)
Rectify (Drama)
Suits (Drama)
Vikings (Drama, Action)
Game of Thrones (Drama, Fantasy)

TV Series, a list of the best TV Series to watch
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