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Popular Australian TV Series

Below is a list of some of the popular past and present TV series past and present. If you think one should be added to the list please email it in.
Angry Boys (Comedy)
Blue Heelers (Drama)
Camp (Comedy,Drama)
Dance Academy (Drama, family)
Danger 5 (Comedy)
Farscape (Adventure,Sci-Fi)
Flipper (Family, Adventure)
H2O: Just Add Water (Family,Fantasy)
Kath & Kim (Comedy)
Love My Way (Drama)
Mako: Island of Secrets (Adventure, Fantasy)
Neighbourss (Drama)
Offspring (Drama)
Ocean Girl (Family, Adventure)
Prisoner (Crime)
Rake (Comedy,Drama)
Rush (Drama)
Sea Patrol (Drama)
Sea Change (Drama)
Skippy (Family, Adventure)
The Slap (Drama)
Underbelly (Crime, Drama)
The Lost World (Comedy,Drama)
Wicked Science (Family, Scifi)
The Wiggles (Children)

TV Series, a list of Australian TV Series to watch
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