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The YouTube to MP4 converters are a bit hit and miss, some are good quality, some unreliable and others try and install or run unwanted software. Below is a guide to popular YouTube to MP4 video converters. Generally if you want to view on a large TV, the 720p format is required to give nice clean images. We will re-test and update this page from time to time.

Clip Converter

On-line cloud MP4 converter up to 720p, simple to use great start/end and quality controls.

  • Positives: fast, nice interface

web site

Windows application, free for personal, educational (including non-profit organization) and commercial use, software runs ads on non-paid version. Application is set to install a tool bar, go to 'advanced install' to stop the extra software from being installed. Passed MS Security Essential scan, simple to install, good quality but the extra registry scanner software turns us off a bit but it is easy to stop it installing.

  • Positives: good quality multiple formats simple

web site


On-line cloud MP4 converter, multiple formats, simple to use quality ok at 720p, we could not make it work at 1080p MP4 in chrome.

  • Positives: no install, multiple formats.

web site


On-line cloud MP4 converter,max 720p format, this is the easiest downloader we used, all you have to do is go on-line to the YouTube video you want and type ss in front of the word YouTube in the browser address bar and hit enter and it will run. It is as simple as that.

  • Positives: no install, very easy to use.

web site

YTD Video Downloader 4.7

Windows and Mac application, we did a test on the free version (MP4 format only) passed MS Security Essentials, the paid version allows multiple downloads at the same time and different formats. Fast. very simple to use and HD quality images, it does want to install unwanted software so be careful when installing.

  • Positives: fast, popular, free version 1080p HD

web site

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