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  • Melbourne Courtyard Cafes

    Sweet Evelyn - cafe

    128 Union Street
    Bakery, Courtyard, Take Away
    cafe location Brunswick

    The Bell Jar - cafe

    656 Smith Street
    Breakfast, Courtyard, Late Breakfast, Street Side Tables
    cafe location Clifton Hill

    The Odd Room

    323 Bay Road
    cafe location Cheltenham

    Townhouse - cafe

    466 Toorak Road
    Breakfast, Courtyard, Good Coffee, Late Breakfast
    cafe location Toorak

    Two Little Pigs - cafe

    146 Sydney Road
    Courtyard, Good Coffee
    cafe location Brunswick

    Wee Jeanie - cafe

    50 Anderson Street
    Breakfast, Courtyard, Late Breakfast
    cafe location Yarraville

    Young Bloods Diner - cafe

    60 Rose Street
    Rooftop , Courtyard, Outside Dining
    cafe location Fitzroy