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Toshiba Going After Blu-ray?


Toshiba is working on an extension to the DVD format which will offer video quality comparable to that produced by Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs, according to Japanese media .

Toshiba plans to begin selling a DVD player based on the new technology within six months, Japanese daily Yomiuri Shimbun reported yesterday citing unnamed sources at Toshiba.

According to the sources, the enhanced DVD players will be sold at lower prices than Blu-ray players. Toshiba ceded to the rival Blu-ray format in February 2008 after spending many years developing its own HD-DVD next-gen video disc format.

HD-DVD was backed by a consortium of companies including Microsoft and Intel, while Sony is the lead developer of Blu-ray. The new DVD player will be backwards-compatible with standard DVD discs, according to the sources.

One Japanese report appeared to suggest that the new technology would be able produce much higher-resolution images from existing DVDs, but did not address the apparent impossibility of this claim. The modified DVD format relies on a newly-developed large scale integrated circuit chip to rapidly convert the stored video, no technical details were released.


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