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1TB optical drive


Call/Recall is developing a 1TB optical drive that has backwards compatible with Blu-ray.

Call/Recall began synthesizing 1TB materials for Nichiaís blue-violet laser diodes in December 2007, the first initial testing successfully completed in March 2008.

InPhase announced its revolutionary 300GB holographic disk and here is another optical format with more capacity. Is this realistic?

Call/Recall and Nichia will jointly develop the ultra high-capacity optical disc recording and playback system. It is designed around Nichia's commercially available violet and blue laser diodes and Call/Recallís one terabyte media.

Nichia co-developed blue-violet laser diodes in conjunction with Sony that are used in Blu-ray drives.

Understanding Call/Recall is not so simple.

It is privately funded and was founded in 1987 to provide advanced research into optical storage technologies and ultra-high storage solutions for military and commercial customers.

One secret sauce is the use of a Rhodamine-type dye in a recording layer. It is excited by laser light and reacts to give off light when excited by another laser at a different wavelength. Such light emission or its absence can be used to indicate binary ones and zeroes.

The dye spots are tiny and can exist in 200-250 layers thus providing the 1TB capacity. The use of a single lens to read multiple layers is enabled by having a fluid-filled lens and increasing/reducing the fluid content and thus the lens' profile and its focal length.

The I/O rate is said to be around 100MB/sec, five times faster than InPhase's holographic drives.

Product availability suggests 2010 or 2011, there are plenty of potential obstacles to be dealt with.


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